Welcome to the Yang Lab!

webserver of SAXS computing: fast-SAXS-pro

Our research is focused on developing innovative methods of computational modeling and synchrotron biophysics for basic and translational studies of estrogen receptor (ER), a key target for breast cancer therapeutics. We have developed integrated structure modeling and applied to ER for discovering new pathways of allosteric signaling between hormone and DNA binding. We are excited in translating this new knowledge to elucidate notorious resistance of antiestrogen therapy and pursuit drug discovery of breast cancer. Equally important is developing data-driven computational models and algorithms that will enable novel approaches to study protein folding, dynamics, and function in solution. Our research efforts benefit from excellent computing facilities and synchrotron sources to which we have access, and close links with other laboratories here at Cleveland and other parts of the nation.

Positions avaiable:

We are looking for motivated postdoc and PhD students who are interested in computational biophysics, structural biology, or biochemical/biophysical assays development for drug screening. Click for more.